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    Line weights

    GrahameWard Gold

      I have some drawing formats with some lines in white; i.e., "Geometry". Some of the line widths are .040", some are .028". This gives me the appearance that we want on the screen (some of the lines stand out more than the others) ; however, when we plot drawings with these formats or output them to PDF the lines look identical regardless of the line width.


      Is there a setting that takes into account different line widths assigned to different lines of the same color? My table.pnt file just seems to assign different line widths to different pen numbers and doesn't seem to take into account the width.


      Please note I don't want to change the line colors, they must all be white.

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          GrahameWard Gold

          Ok, PTC has helped me with the varying line weights issue. It was the pen table that was fixing the line weight. I took out the pen table assignment for White (Geometry) and now it uses the default setting. Trouble is the default is a little heavier than what the pen table assigned and I'd like to change the default setting.


          Does anyone know how to do that? It should be in loadpoint/text or loadpoint/bin but I cannot find a file similar to table.pnt.

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              James62 Platinum

              Hello Grahame,


              I have no idea how to make drawings with different thickness lines displayed in drawing mode in Pro/E. Sorry in advance. I can't test what I am gonna tell here. Btw I don't think it's a good aproach to apply thickness lines in Pro/E drawings, just like in dwg drawings.


              You might wanna use different layers for printing output. Not sure how different layers will do with pen table file, since all geometry entities are no matter what written with pen 1. So this is maybe a blind suggestion too.


              Ok now let's say you've geometry lines of different thicknesses. I think if you modify the pen 1 line in your pen table file like this:

              pen 1 color 0 0 0; drawing_color


              Then you might be able to get exact same thicknesses of lines in your PDF that you have in your Pro/E drawing.


              I think this is what PTC support told you to try and I don't think theres another way around. But I do know very little about layers in Pro/E.



              !Geometry drawing_color outline geometry,section text/arrows
              !Hidden Line half_tone_color hidden lines,datum axes/planes
              !Sketch section_color sketch lines
              !Curve datum curves
              !Quilt quilt_color quilt edges
              !Manuf Volume magenta_color quilt outlines
              !Sheet Metal attention_color sheet metal
              !Datum datum_color hidden lines,datum coords/axes/planes,datum tags
              !Letter letter_color dim lines/leaders,gtol frames/leaders,
              ! hatching,threads,balloons & leaders,
              ! tables,surface finish,detail view boundaries,
              ! axes & centerlines
              !Highlight-Primary highlite_color
              !Highlight-Secondary dimmed_color tangent edges,section centerline,datum planes,coord x/y/z
              !Highlight-Edge edge_highlite_color text in tables,balloons,details,notes,gtol,surface finishes
              !LINE_STYLE_STANDARD affects text color as follows (it is set in the Drawing Options file)
              ! std_ansi - letter_color (detail view boundaries also altered)
              ! std_iso - edge_highlite_color
              ! std_jis - edge_highlite_color
              ! std_din - edge_highlite_color