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    browser_favorite for a PDMLink folder




      I try to set a browser_favorite in my config.pro which is :

      browser_favorite "wtpub://PDMLink/Bibliothèques/STANDARD CAO/Gabarits/" "GABARITS"


      (I also tried :

      browser_favorite "wtpub://PDMLink/Bibliothèques/STANDARD CAO/Gabarits"

      browser_favorite "wtpub://PDMLink/Bibliothèques/STANDARD CAO/Gabarits" "GABARITS"

      browser_favorite wtpub://PDMLink/Bibliothèques/STANDARD CAO/Gabarits "GABARITS"

      browser_favorite wtpub://PDMLink/Bibliothèques/STANDARD CAO/Gabarits)


      It works fine for a Windows address but not for a PDMLink address.

      I know that I can set a favorite directly in a local ProE session but I'm admin and I want that favorite on every session in my department.


      Someone can help?