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    Vector graphing tools, graph enhancement function, data import.exprt and script support

    MikeArmstrong Diamond

      In my opinion the functions which have been added in Prime 1.0 would be sufficient for a upgrade if it included all features from M15, but if I had to choose future areas of development:-


      Vector graphing tool would be nice, something similar to Smartsketch.


      Graph enhancement functions – Excel has many more options when formatting graphs


      Data Inputting/Exporting – Mainly Excel which of course has been rectified in Prime 1.0.


      Script support – There isn't any help files on scripting.



        • Re: What new features do you want to see in Mathcad Prime?

          >Vector graphing tool would be nice, something similar to Smartsketch.<



          Though I'm 100% on your side , let me switch chair and now I'm on PTC side. Demonstrate by a work sheet what you mean by a vector graphic in a Mathcad project. Insert a vector drawn object, fine. But don't we have that with Excel metafile and AutoCad, Intellicad ? If you mean some gadgets like adding an arrow in a graph [arrow or else gyzma] and if you mean these gyzma to be like drawn over the graph and not crowd the graph argument, that would mean a two layer style graph. A 2d plotting option for the graph region to be bitmap would be useful but it wouldn't be transparent as actually. Many of these features remember me an interesting tool "Kyplot", I still have it but NOT re-installed on my 2005 PC. Lot and lot of "features" conclude the lack of Mathcad good practice. Take the scripted components prone to carry viruses, Paul W. rejected systematically scripted components unless inside the firm but not for circulation via the web... on that point: I agree with Paul. A Mathcad Linux version should be on PTC design board.