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      I have created one part. I have created weight parameter as real number using relation. I have done the model mass properties analysis. The mass result is not matching with the weight parameter. There is a locked accessability for weight parameter. Now the question is how to remove this accessability & how the results can be matched.I want to show the weight in part drawing.
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          DavidButz Platinum
          Prashant, I'm not sure I understand your problem, but you may have over-complicated things by creating a Weight parameter using Relations. If you first assign a material to your part (Edit/Setup) with the right density, the Mass Properties calculation should give you the right result. David
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              David, As the part is modified, the mass properties results are changing accordingly. But the value in weight parameter is not changing.
                • Check the Source..
                  RameetGrewal Bronze
                  Prashant, I think you need to check the source of the parameter. The source of the parameter can be found by #Tools >> Parameters...And then next to the Access column you will have the source for the parameter. If it indicates relations then you can modify the relation..If it is by Intralink you can try to modify it by setting the configuration option by #Tools >>Options >>let_proe_rename_pdm_objects to yes. Also you can check if it is a Restricted Value Parameter. More on this is available in Pro/E help. Hope this helps.. Rameet