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    STEP import into a single part

    VitoSimotti Copper


      I want to convert a whole assembly into a single part with an export and import of a STEP file. While importing the STEP file it's possible to define "import as a part"... Unfortunately the parts are imported all to the standard coordsys and not to the originally exported coordsys.

      Is there an config option for that?



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          PTC Employee



          I want to make sure I understand what you are trying to do to see if I can provide some suggestions. Is this correct?


          • Export a Pro/ENGINEER assembly to STEP
            • Are you exporting to a monolithic file or multiple STEP files?
          • Import the STEP data back into Pro/ENGINEER as a single part
            • Are you saying that the components are repositioned to the default csys?
            • or
            • Are you saying that the components are positioned correctly but they are all refernecing the default csys?


          If you have a particular data set that you would like me to take a look at I am happy to do so.