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    Creo 1.0 build M010


      Creo 1.0 F000 works perfectly in my pc. 'NVIDIA QUADRO FX 1700 + windows XP 32 bit.

      Now i download build M010 and it crashes without any errore when i try to open .prt o .asm.

      Anyone experienced a similar event?


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          rmorin Silver

          I noticed also more problems with M010 than F000. Somedays it doesn't crash at all and other days it keeps on crashing. The ribbon sometimes gets minimized randomly (I do not press Ctrl-F1). I told the support but it seems i'm the only user.


          Today I reinstalled Creo M010 to make things clean but it doesn't really change. After that, I reinstalled edrawings publisher (the free version) but it doesn't work anymore (it says the application is not active). In the auxiliar applications it appears but I can't start it !!!

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            ptc-1961056 Copper

            I am also experiencing the crashing of creo, But for me it only happens in sheet metal forming feature

            Every time it crashed off without gob=ving any warning

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              BurtLand Bronze

              from Update Advisor  CREO 1.0


              Resolved Issues from previous revision

                                      M010     M020

                   CREO           26           21

                   WF2               0             1

                   WF3               8             2

                   WF4              65           60

                   WF5            154           74

              Unresolved Issues

                                     M010      M020

                   CREO           55             8


              so a lot of corrected Wildfire Issues but not many from CREO - early days


              Published Release Dates

                F000  June 2011

                M010 Sept 2011

                M020 Nov 2011

                M030 Jan 2012

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                azankog Copper

                Hi everybody...
                I want to buy Creo M010 but someone told me that Creo has plenty of options as a WF5, such as 5-axis manufacturing and so on..is that a truth?