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    Importing dxf/iges files

    AaronMarshall Bronze

      I am getting very frustrated with trying to do this. I am trying to import a dxf file and when it loads I cannot interact with it at all. Our company provides CAD drawings for our logo and I cannot seem to figure out how to convert a iges/dxf to a .sym file. Does anyone have an ideas how to do this?

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          BrianMartin PTC Community Champion

          Hi Aaron...


          What version of Pro/E or Creo Elements are you working in?


          If you perform an import in Creo Elements Pro (Wildfire 5), you can select the option shown below to Import Blocks as Symbols. This will help.


          If you're in a different version of Creo or Wildfire, let me know and I'll give you specific instructions. For Creo Elements Pro (WF5), import the file as a DXF. Switch to the Sketch tab to interact with the geometry lines. Switch to the Table or Annotate tabs to interact with the title block or dimensions.


          To create a symbol, use the following slides. Click each slide for a larger view.


          Good luck!!






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            BrianMartin PTC Community Champion

            Ahh! Sorry... also meant to mention that in older versions of Pro/E, sometimes those DXF files can come in as one large group. You'll need to go to Edit>Group and select EXPLODE to turn the imported geometry into selectable geometry. This is only in the older Wildfire software (2, 3, and maybe 4).


            Thanks again...