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    OLE to load a .MCD file


      Our customer gave us an MCD file and wants us to be able to run it via a C++ interface. Running/Linking an automation interface is something we do a lot of, so no biggie there. BUT. This code throws an exception when trying to load the MCD file: (Sorry for he TABLE format. I cannot seem to get it to allow pasting code normally)


      IMathcadApplication* McApp;

      IMathcadWorksheets* McWorksheets;

      IMathcadWorksheet* McWorksheet;

      CoInitialize(NULL);// Initialize the COM library

      HRESULT hr=CoCreateInstance(CLSID_App, NULL,




      if (!SUCCEEDED(hr)) {

      MessageDlg("Unable to create a MathCad Application object",mtError, TMsgDlgButtons() << mbOK, 0);

      return ;








      Everything works fine until the Open command. Can someone point me to examples of VB, Java, or C++ code that shows how to load a MCD file? And if it is in the callaboratory, can some PLEASE tell me how to get to it. I have never found the callaboratory.


      Thanks, Brian