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    How to delete some attribute


      Hi everyone,

      I created an attribute for CAD document in windchill.

      I made a mistake because the type was wrong, I created a new one because I did not manage to modify it.

      Now, I have one right attribute and one bad which is useless, when I try to remove it, a dialog box told me that it is already use and it is not possible to delete it.


      How can I know where does it use?

      How can I break that link and delete it?

      Is there a solution or I should leave it even if it is not used anymore ?



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          ptc-3312241 Copper

          Hi ,

          You can do a report(advanced search) on that attribute for all possible values, It should give you the documents where its being used, AFTER that I would suggest you to remove that attribute from Type & Attribute Manager CAD Document object if your system has already gone live.


          Understand that you just need to remove it not delete it from T&A Manager.


          The bad part- I dont think you can delete that attribute even if you break the link in between. We had our moments dealing with this pain in the back thing..We just moved them to a Do not use folder and let them live there for eternity.


          For breaking the link normally you may have to check in and check out the document object , by doing that you will see the old attr gone and new one will show up. Only when "removed" from the object and added with your correct attr. You can either automate the process or if there are less no of docs , manually do it.

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            RahulKalaskar Copper

            Hi Pierre,



            I f yo want to remove attrbutes from cad document, First you need to remove all the references for that attibutes in Layouts. Try to find in all layouts and remove the Global attribute from there.


            Let me know if problem persist...............



            Warm Regards,


            RAHUL KALASKAR