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    Cut and Paste Math Regions from Mathcad 15 to Excel


      We have to turn our homework documented into Excel. With 2001, cutting and pasting (without any Paste Special action) would result into a nice and crisp object into Excel.


      The same cut and paste from 15 returns an unreadable object into Excel. Paste Bitmap works but is fuzzy. What is the secret to get a cut and paste from 15 as crisp as it is with 2001?


      Also dismayed to see that the cut and pasting of graph that was so reliable with 2001 is also problematic with 15, with some traces not displaying when pasted in Excel.

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          MikeArmstrong Diamond

          Can't you import a Mathcad component directly into Excel?



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              Forgot to mention this is with Excel 2007. Don't have 2010 to try it on (and I am on XP).


              Not sure about importing a Mathcad component?


              I tried Insert - Object - Mathcad Document...which caused Excel to crash (message cited a runtime error)


              I tried Paste Special - Mathcad Document Object, whih results in the same exact unusable result as Cut and Paste.


              So as I have to get going as my HW deadline is nearing, I found that pasting into Word first and then into Excel would give semi acceptable results. Relatively crisp but problems with scaling.


              Then I just found out that Paste - Paste Special- Mathcad Document Object with Paste Link option activated would give the same result as Cut and Paste via Word.


              This is five clicks vs the no click Ctrl+C Ctrl+V that was working so well with 2001 (and for not as good a result).


              The good news is that by using the five clicks method, the graphs are now displaying all the traces.....bad news is that it is a linked copy......

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                  MikeArmstrong Diamond

                  At least you have a work around.


                  I'm surprised that you have to submit your homework in Excel format. Couldn't you just have used Excel in the first place?



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                      You are absolutely correct: I could have done it in Excel to begin with. Our Dr Professor is an Excel fanatic and requires the report turned in with Excel anyway, so really, I should have done it all in Excel.


                      But I think Mathcad deserves to be looked at for this specific assignement.


                      On top of page 108 of the attached PDF is part of the assignement where an integral is to be graphically solved with Excel. The few pages before that deal with how it can be done in Excel. And in the process, you loose the connection with the base variable, and the Excel trick to stay connected to it is to use VLOOKUP. And to go around interpolation errors, the next trick is to use large tables with a very small increment of the variable so that the VLOOKUP error becomes negligible.


                      Or...I can use Mathcad and get a useable numerical solution for the integral in one stroke, that allows to stay coupled to the base variable, as illustrated in the attached MCAD file, which makes the process and everything else afterwards much easier.


                      But then the Mathcad work still needs to summarized in Excel.


                      The attached XLS shows an example from a previous assignement. There was some curve fitting required for this assignement. I tried it in Excel as directed and checked against Mathcad: it was not good (despite the illusion of R = to almost 1 in Excel), so I stuck to Mathcad. The pasting you can see in the summary sheet is all from Mathcad 2001 and was done in seconds. Am trying to do the same from 15 for the current assignement since last night, and I am still not there....the little scheme I was using with Link Pasting just broke for no apparent reasons....it still does create a pasted area,,,but it is now blank. Go figure. That must be progress.

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                          FredKohlhepp Platinum

                          There are two possibilities:


                          1) Your professor wants you to learn the risks and pitfalls of numerical solutions and is forcing you to use EXCEL so that you must manipulate the solution correctly. If this is the case using Mathcad to get the solution without doing it in EXCEL first (and using Mathcad to check) will get you a failing grade. Or


                          2) Your professor has lost sight of the real world engineering truth that there is no wrong way to get the right answer, and we should use the method that gives the best answer for the least effort.




                          I have found that copying an area in Mathcad and "pasting as" an enchanced metafile picture in mathcad, then copying the picture from Mathcad to Word/Excel/Powerpoint seems to work. Pasting a link ad then continuing to work in the Mathcad sheet usually results in bad pasted images--I used to believe the link was to a specific area in the sheet (from some obscure reference," and working in the sheet changed the "viewing window."


                          Good luck.

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                              I thought I could defeat the linking by erasing the link related to the paste/linked area from the formula bar in Excel......no such luck. I got hit by exactly what you are describing. All of a sudden, my neatly aligned bad looking graphs pasted in Excel were replaced by a totally different view of the Mathcad sheet.....quite remarkable. For some reason Paste/Link is broken right now, but based on what I just experienced corroborated by your own experience, I am not going to waste more time trying to fix it, although is was by far the best looking and fastest solution of all these cumbersome round about ways. Google didn't lead to a definite answer on how to get rid of these links.


                              I see exactly what you mean by a "specific area" in the document. The link is of the form "Selection 40 4632 409 4931' which looks more topographical rather than an intelligent link to a defined object.


                              The pasting with enhanced metafile format you mention is what I am using for the transit via Word. I tried the enhanced metafile transit via Mcad as suggested but the end result is sharper with a transit through Word (still no match to the no-click pasting from 2001....and there is still extra work required as the Mcad region transfers over with no fill or frame....unlike the no click 2001..... ).




                              Let me try to offer option 3 on the good Dr Professor.


                              -- As an educator in a Master's program, he is most likely expecting a certain level of maturity from us, the students, which unfortunately is often lacking. In previous years, the Professors in the department have shown a lot of trust in our ethics. But as usual, some have abused the system, with some blatantly copying HWs, including the name on the original work! It is very easy to detect non original work in Excel spreadsheets, specially when Roger's still has links to Rolf's harddrive.


                              So I think that treaceability to original work is the key here for this Excel scheme. As a matter of facts, I turned in a HW with some of the steps done in Mathcad on something that made no sense for me to be done in Excel, fully expecting sanctions for not respecting the submission format. It could have been one of the few correct submissions because it came back with extra credits! But the key here is to document the Mathcad work clearly enough, as he doesn't know Mathcad. Hence the need to transfer graphs and equations in a neat way.

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                                More on the Paste/Link from Mathcad that was not working anymore.


                                I should have been able to guess right away what was happening. Excel had crashed ("Sorry, we have to close"...and started right up again) and I was working on the Autosaved version, which had opened up with the "update links" option turned off. Not only this prevents existing links to be updated, it also prevents new links to be created.


                                So now with "update links" turned on (an my original linked graphs in Excel completely trashed!), Paste/Link is working again. So neat looking images can be imported from Mathcad again (until something else turns the linking off.....).


                                And there is in fact an easy way to get rid of the link (cut and paste within Excel doesn't work as it creates another linked image). Under Paste - As Picture there is actually an option to .....Copy as Picture. Then Paste as Picture (good looking enhanced metafile) and here goes the link.


                                So the one step no-click import from Mathcad 2001 is now replaced by about 20 clicks (one or two more than that actually)....but at least there is a way! Wondering if it is any easier from Prime?