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    Other links then BoM  to tie parts together


      We have many accessories for our products. Many accessories are used for several different products and we would like to somehow link them to these products without creating new products. E.g. an AC/DC adapter together with desktop computer#1 is one bundle, the same AC/DC bundled with computer#2 is another, and finally the AC/DC is stand-alone product also. The reflex answer is "then do them as three products". We have approximately 3 billion combinations and like to avoid this. We typically track the bundles on serial number.

      Today we do imaginary product with all this in their BoM, but it's blocking parts of the Change Managent and the presentation in WC looks crappy. It makes it hard for people to find what they look for.

      What we would like to do is take advantage of the database. Typically we want to have pointers to the accessories in folders. If I look in a folder for one product I can see all available accessories for that product. At the same time 90 % of these accessories are also accessible from another folder. Makes sense?

      This is the one thing frustrating our organization the most.
      Any good ideas?


      /Patrik A