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    Howto use mold component catalog

    jbijnens-2 Copper



      I've installed Creo 1.0 M030.

      I've checked the options "Mold Component Catalog" and "Plastic Advisor" during installation.

      Plastic Advisor works, but I can't get any access to the Mold Component Catalog.

      In the past (WildFire area) I've created a directory c:\ptc\prolib

      In this directory I placed the following subfolders : objlib, mfglib, moldlib and created a prolib.mnu file.

      I added the following to the config.pro

      pro_library_dir c:\ptc\prolib

      and all worked fine.

      Now I do the following in Creo 1.0 : I create a new assembly (suboption Mold Layout).

      I want to create a new MoldBase as I did in the past. I pick a moldbase from Hasco. Then Creo says in the message window it cannot retrieve the parts.


      In the installation manual it says all libraries are installed within the common files section. However I can't find any library file there.

      As the manual doesn't say a thing about pro_library_dir I disabled this and copied the folder moldlib to this common files folder.

      To cut a long story short I tried everything I could, but was unable to get this working.

      The only thing to get this working is if I add the following to the config.pro

      pro_library_dir c:\ptc\prolib\moldlib

      Then it works, but how am I supposed to use the other libraries like the manufacturing libraries e.g. ?


      And help or advice is very much appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.


      Best regards,


      John Bijnens

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          RussellJ.H.Hsu PTC Employee

          The option "Mold Component Catalog" in Creo installer is to install the workpiece templates. They are used when creating a automatic workpiece.


          If you want to use mold base and library components, you must install the Mold Base Library and set the pro_library_dir configuration option to the location of the mold base library loadpoint. Mold Base Library is a standalone cd image. It is available on PTC download page.


          After installing the Mold Base Library and set the configuration option, you have to add search paths to Creo configuration. E.g.

          pro_library_dir D:\ptc\moldlib

          search_path D:\ptc\moldlib\dmemoldlib\metric_d\assy_dm\100x100dm

          search_path D:\ptc\moldlib\dmemoldlib\metric_d\assy_dm\296x396dm



          The Mold Base Library data is limited and has not been updated for a couple years. It is recommanded to use Expert Moldbase eXtension. The moldbase and component data in EMX is comprehensive and up-to-date.


          Russell Hsu

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            MikkoHinkkanen Bronze

            Download: MED-6XX-CD-330_2002490_MOLDBASE.zip

            • Install it.
            • update *.mnu & *.ctg if not success by installation
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              gkoch PTC Employee

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              Thank you in advance!