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    Installation not listing Applications

    adejong-2 Copper

      Hello all,

      I'm trying to install Creo 2.0 Student Edition using the Installation Assistant. I'm follow the instructions given in an email:


      Step 1: Download Creo 2.0

      Step 2: Creo 2.0 Student Edition Product Code

      • For the Student Edition you will need to enter the following product code during setup -BK390206EDSTUDENTUNICL

      Step 3: Install Creo 2.0 Student Edition

      • Start setup.exe on your machine
      • Select Install New Software. Click Next.
      • Accept License agreement. Click Next.
      • Enter the student edition product code - BK390206EDSTUDENTUNICL. Click 'Install Licensing' to generate the license file. Once created, setup will add the license file to the license summary section. Click Next.
      • On the product screen, deselect MKS.
      • Click Install


      So I choose "Install from the web" and go through everything as it says -- until I have to deselect MKS from the product screen. As you can see below, there is nothing listed, and the "Install" button is greyed out.



      I've tried rebooting, redownloading, etc. But everytime I end up here. If anybody has any ideas, I'd greatly appreciate the help.