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    What is Mathcad Express?

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      Mathcad Express is here! So what is it?



      Mathcad Express is a free version of Mathcad that allows any user to utilize some selected features of Mathcad Prime 2.0, for an unlimited time. Mathcad Express gives you the ability to spend more time solving engineering problems, and less time programming, documenting, reporting and verifying their solutions. Mathcad Express was designed to be a powerful analysis tool – it is easy to learn and easy to use.


      How does it work?


      Mathcad Express does include the full capabilities of Mathcad Prime 2.0 for 30 days, for free. After the 30 day period has ended, you may continue to use the limited functionality of Mathcad Express as long as you like -- the Mathcad Express license will never expire. But there are some differences beyond functionality. You can expect to see in-product messages with information on selected features, training, tips and tricks, and easy ways to purchase the full commercial product. You will also see specific “Mathcad Express” headers and watermarks on worksheets. Should you decide to upgrade to the full product, you will receive the full breadth of Mathcad capabilities and you can eliminate in-product advertising and watermarks.


      What’s next?


      PTC is committed to delivering the best products to its customers, and it continues to invest in Mathcad. Mathcad Express is a licensing option, requiring minimal R&D resources, but allowing the Mathcad team to include a number of bug fixes and streamline the licensing process – both of which will benefit Maintenance Customers of Mathcad who are planning on upgrading to the latest release. Mathcad Prime 3.0 is scheduled for release in 2013 and will include the following features:

      • Templates
      • Math formatting
      • Embedded math in text
      • New numeric functionality


      As always, we welcome your questions and comments. Check out the Mathcad product page at PTC.com to download Mathcad Express!