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    Paste Excel....

    ptc-4730507 Copper

      We would like to use the Paste Excel... option, however our data model does not allow text content directly in a "cell" element - the text must be wrapped in a "para" element first. This is stopping the Paste Excel option from working. Is there any way of getting Arbotext to automatically wrap the pasted text in the "para" element in each cell?



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          ptc-4730507 Copper

          Apologies - I meant an "entry" element, not "cell"

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              bfriesen Gold

              We had some issues with tables and <P> elements. It sure would be nice if PTC would fix the fact that you cannot select a table and click delete mark up to remove all the <P> elements. It will only delete the first cell <P> element. If you want to select the whole table and add and element, it will do it with hesitation. See http://communities.ptc.com/message/182344#182344. This is what we do if a cut and paste creates <P> elements.




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              KristerBayer Copper

              Try to add para to InsertAroundToFix in the .dcf file for your doctype.

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                KarenWisne Copper

                I needed to create about 300 tables in Arbortext from data in an Excel file. This may seem an odd way to get it done, but it was fast and worked great for what needed to be done.


                I made a template table in Arbortext so my formatting would be right. Then I opened the .sgml file in notepad and copied the table into Word. I then made a mail merge of the data using the Excel table. I saved the mail merged document as a .txt file. Open the .txt file, CTRL+A, CTRL+C, then CTRL+V right into the Arbortext document where I needed the tables.


                You've just got to be really careful where you put your mail merge fields, and where you paste the table back into Arbortext. This may or may not work for your tables or environment, but you would be able to insert the Excel data into a <para> tag. There may be a fancier programming way to do this too, but that is above my pay grade!