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    Generation of .tab files by post-processor

    KennethJ.Farley Silver

      I've recently updated my installation to Creo 2.0. I notice now that when I post-process files to create NC code, a set of ".tab" files is created, whose function is unknown to me. These were not a byproduct when doing the same thing with Wildfire. Does anyone know of a parameter or setting I can use to stop these files from being generated? Alternatively, if you know of a way to "cleanup" the directory after post-processing to remove the intermediate files (.ncl.tl1, .lst, ,mbx) after execution, automatically, I'd be grateful.

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          ptc-2993728 Copper



          What I use to clean up the directory is purge.bat file I have added some del commands to get rid of the files Creo creates from posting nc code here is what purge.png

          my purge.bat file looks like be careful because this deletes all file with the extention that are listed this works great for me

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            SteveLucas Gold


            I have my config file set with pro_mf_cl_dir set to a directory on my hard drive so all the manufacturing files ncl,acl,lst,and such go to that directory instead of cluttering up the network drives with junk from creating manufactuing files. it works great the only thing that gets put in the working directories are the saves of the mfg assembly and tph files.

            Makes deleting files easier.


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                KennethJ.Farley Silver

                I think I like this option best. I currently have a recursive purging batch file I wrote that cleans up all the directories on our server, getting rid of these stray files. It seems like this particular version of the software loves to generate temporarily used but never deleted files, like ".acc" files, and the like.


                Putting the files in a local directory will also let me avoid something that has crept up lately in our company, the fact that the post-processor can't handle directory names with a length longer than some number of characters. I don't know the limit, but have had some troubles with verbosity in naming of late.

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                KennethJ.Farley Silver

                I find that a lot of topics here seem to be kinda answered, but the final solution is never provided. So for the sake of anyone else who might be interested, here's what I ended up doing.


                (1) In my config file (I call mine config.pro, the traditional name), I set the parameter "pro_mf_tape_dir" to a location on my computer's C: drive. This is where all the NC program files and any other intermediate files will be written.

                (2) I wrote a quick DOS batch file to kill all the junk files that are generated. This includes the .tab files that were the reason for my inquiry, as well as some other ones. The batch file put in the directory specified in step (1), and contains the following commands:


                --- Begin DOS Batch File ---


                @echo off

                del *.acl 2> nul

                del *.lst 2> nul

                del *.mbx 2> nul

                del *.ncl.* 2> nul

                del *.ncl_a.tab 2> nul

                del *.ncl_b.tab 2> nul

                del *.ncl_c.tab 2> nul

                del *.ncl_x.tab 2> nul

                del *.ncl_y.tab 2> nul

                del *.ncl_z.tab 2> nul


                --- End DOS Batch File ---


                I could have just used "del *.tab 2> nul", but like the precision of doing it this way.


                So now, my .ncl files generated by Creo are stored in this directory, the post-processor writes the .tap files to the same directory, and to clean up things, I just run my batch file and all is well.

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                    SteveLucas Gold


                    Are the .tab files something that is generated by your post? I don't get any .tab files created by Creo or I don't see that extension listed in the help files. Just wondering where or what the source of the .tab is? Do you have the .tap file set to be renamed to Tab in your post?


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                        KennethJ.Farley Silver

                        .tab files started being created when we switched from Wildfire 3 to Creo 2.0. There was no effort on my part to cause this. I leave file extensions created by the post-processor at their defaults. I use G-Post as provided by PTC. The files are just long lists of what look to be coordinate values. I, too, spent a lot of unsuccessful time trying to track down what these files are and why they exist. Also, why the post-processor doesn't clean up after itself when it's done.