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    Circular Cross Section

    ptc-4767562 Copper

      This drawing was made with Catia. We remodelled it in Pro/E WF5. We are not able to create a cross section like in the drawing.How can we create a cross section like below. E1 - E1



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          s.iyer Silver

          It is possible. Only the ends should be straight lines. I tried it in a model. Have not tried to get the same in a drawing though.

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            s.iyer Silver

            Well I just tried and it is possible. Ensure that the section line comes out of the component as shown below.


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                TomD.inPDX PTC Community Champion

                We seem to have unearthed yet another bug. In that section, it seems we can't change the angle of the section hatch in arched section segments


                The other desire here would be to "unfold the section" and it seems to be grayed out for this style. If you look at the section in the original image, the holes are not aligned in the center of the slot not is the one on the left round although they are centered in the origin view.


                Below is as close as I could come to the original request. The angled cross hatch was from a parametric sketch projected to the drawing and hatched.


                There seems to be serious limitations with curves in sections. I'm looking forward to some really powerful upgrades to this in the next release (PTC... are you listening?).


                Of course, you can do a lot with non-associative means of making views. Not having the full context of the original drawing it is hard to see what we are looking at. If those are in fact rotated sections within the Y1-C5 view, then you have even more work to do inside Creo. Section views is something that has always been lacking in Pro/E. Even the section below cannot be "Activated" in the model for some reason.