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    Bulk Item Quantity -  Repeat Region Relation

    Marty Copper



      I am new to this forum and this is my first post. Please go easy on me.


      I am a long time user of Pro/ENGINEER, but I have never utilized relations, rules, filters, and such in a drawing's BOM's repeat regions before.


      I am currently working on a project and its assembly requires bulk items, so I am attempting to correctly place them in the BOM so that their respective quantities show A/R, or AR (as required) instead of one. I have mined the internet forums including this one for tips/directions on how to do this, but I am having no success. I have learned a lot about the workings of the tables and their repeat regions, but cannot get the relations and filters to work properly for these bulk items.


      I used create component within the assembly, and use the bulk item template to implant the bulk item in the assembly. I tried relations, installing the relation in the Repeat Region of the column in the BOM for the first line item in the relation. I played with a parameter “QTY, Qty, and qty” in the bulk items. No success.


      I have attached a Powerpoint of my attempts with a test assembly and its drawing.


      I would really like to do the BOM the right way.


      Thanks in advance for your assistance.



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          drosema PTC Community Champion


          Check out this discussion.




          Thanks, Dale

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              Marty Copper



              Thanks for the link. I've read through it, and I now have a BOM that properly reflects what I want! AR shown in the BOM's quantity column for my bulk item.


              I may have overstated some details for doing this...


              The way I put AR in the quantity column is to change the report symbol in the repeat region for the column from rpt.qty to rpt.rel.User Defined, then enter "quantity" (without quotation marks) in the Symbol Text window that pops up.


              Then enter/create a repeat region relation in the Relations editor pop up window for the repeat region (mouse picks: Repeat Region, Relations, select/digitize BOM repeat region):


              IF asm_mbr_type == "BULK ITEM"

              quantity = "AR"


              quantity = rpt_qty



              After hitting the OK button on the Relations editor window to close it, toggle the Switch Symbols button. If all goes well, AR will now be in the quantity column for the Bulk Item(s) in your assembly.


              You need to use the Bulk Item template by creating a part within the assembly and selecting the Bulk Item template.


              Thanks again!