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    How to Install PTC Creo 2.0

    MarkCheli PTC Employee

      Quick Installation Guide

      For those looking for a quick guide to get Creo going as soon as possible and are confident in their technical ability, please follow the link below.


      Student Edition (K-12)

      Student Edition (University)

      Academic Edition (Requires product code)


      Install Videos


      For those looking for an in-depth video guide, use the series of links below.


      1. Overview
      2. Verifying System Requirements
      3. Updating Graphics Drivers
      4. Downloading
      5. Installing
      6. Configuring
      7. Verifying Completion


      If you have problems during the installation please do no hesitate to get in contact with us here on the community page or submit a support request.

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          ptc-5254228 Copper

          Is it possible to install it on mac OS ??


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              PTC Employee

              Currently, our Creo and Mathcad products are only supported on Windows platforms. Because both tools are typically used by engineers, there currently is not enough demand to support the MAC operating system.

              While this means that you will not be able to install directly on your machine it may be possible that you can run a dual boot with Windows (example: using bootcamp) or Windows in a virtual session (example: using Parallels) and then run the application.