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    flattening a 3d surface to get 2d surface "quilt"

      I have an only slightly curved surface that I would like to laser cut some rubber sheet to fit perfectly to. If I just cut out a projection/cross-section of the surface/cross-section of the surface, then I would end up with rubber pieces that are a little too small. Anyone have any suggestions on how to "flatten" my simple 3d surface to see what shape of sheet of rubber would fit it just right?
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          Hello You could measure the surface area of the original to get the total area, then project onto a planner surface, this surface area will be smaller since it has no depth. Then use behavioral modeling(optimization study) on the planner surface to calculate dimensions that will give the planner surface the same surface area as the original. This may be the long way around, but it will work. Rick
            • flatten quilt
              I would like to introduct you the 'flaten quit' command,it's ealy to use,select the command as following:insert-advanced-flatten quilt. then you select the surface you need to flat,build a point on the surface edge,the point is so called origin point,means not chang place,then click ok to finish.