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    How to properly use constraints and rules followed by Mathcad's Solver

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      Below are some pictures of the inputs to Mathcad's solver using Prime 2.0. I am trying to design a bellville washer here that exerts F1=8,500lbs of force in one position y1, and than in a relaxed position (y1-alpha) provides a force F2>=8000




      As can be seen above I have set up my constraints as well as possible yet at the end the F2 does not come out to something between 8000-8500, thus it does not meet the requirements of my constraint #3 above.


      I am fine with Mathcad varying y1, t, and H as much as needed to obtain a solution, the question is 7021 the best that any combination of values can actually do? If so why doesn't Mathcad simply come back and say no solution since truly the F2=7021 does not meet the constraints?


      One thing I should also mention that I find quite frustrating is when I go back to the top to my initial guess values and start varying the numbers up there, I often come up with closer and better answers at the bottom. Is there an order that Mathcad evaluates values inside of the solve function?


      I can work out ideas for a for loop in my head as to how to evaluate this one but being so new to Mathcad and finding the syntaxt different from my prior LabVIEW and Matlab experience, I am still struggling to figure out how to program up the loops here, hence why I was hoping that the solver itself would be able to go back and ensure that any value found met all my criteria .