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    3D models in IsoView

      Hello, Does anyone know if IsoDraw can produce an interactive 3D model for the web using IsoView? We would like to be able to show the whole model assembly displayed in one view with it being user interactive... If you click on a component of the assembly, another view on the same web page would display only the part you clicked on. This view would also be interactive (ie zoom in and rotate the part). Thanks
        • Publishing 3D IsoDraw files
          Hi Gerald, to publish and embed IsoDraw files PTC provides IsoView that meets your requirements that you described. It can be embedded for example in HTML (ActiveX) and has a rich API that can interact with the click events which happen when a user clicks a component (i.e. hotspot). You can download a demo to test it before considering further steps. The very appealing thing is that CAD models automatically get the hotspots for later interaction when being imported into IsoDraw CADprocess. Since IsoView can use IsoDraw files directly also a conversion is not needed, you can take the IsoDraw files right away. Much success! Christian