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    Parts Library Collection- Digital References?

      Hello, I'm relatively new to IsoDraw and have found the parts library to be incredibly helpful... personally I would love to be able to have a compilation (digital or printed) where I can see all the parts together rather than clicking through menus and seeing only one at a time. ....We're waiting for a RAM upgrade for the computer at the moment, so this part of the program can run especially slow. I was wondering if there was a PDF (or something similar) out there of the entire library so you can see all Washers, Bearings, etc. and then navigate to the item in the program. I'm a big fan of references and posters lol Thanks!
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          The art library files included with IsoDraw are basically samples. The idea behind the art library is that you can add your own files to the art library as needed. In my company we actually cleared everything that came with IsoDraw and are building from scratch. In regards to a PDF...maybe. I've not heard of it. Unfortunately, IsoDraw does not export PDFs (though I've heard the next release might). As an alternative I might suggest using the batch tool included with IsoDraw to convert the files to JPG or similar file and you could then simply have a folder to view them in to get a quick preview of the files.
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              Hello Katie, first of all, welcome to the IsoDraw world! I may add some details to Trevors information. The IsoDraw library contains different angles of the most items. If you open one library file, e.g. the bolts, you will detect that all the different angles are contained. This enables IsoDraw to pick the most real angle of a library part when adding it to the illustration. E.g.: Select an ellipse in the illustration and a Hexagonbolt in the library (the top most in the category). When adding the bolt IsoDraw picks the bolt with the most appropriate angle from within the IsoDraw library file. This does not work when all items are deleted and replaced with single views / angles of each bolt. Saving as PDF is possible with IsoDraw 7.0 by printing into distiller. The next version of IsoDraw will create PDF directly as export format. See the attached picture: On the leftmost bottom you see the bolt added without selecting an ellipse. On top you see the result of the same operation, but with an ellipse being selected before. regards, Christian
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              I have made myself a .pdf of the library content in IsoDraw 7.1. It took some time - but it's useful for showing costumers the many possibilities in IsoDraw.


              Maybe it's useful for you too?


              I may add that the overview is not complete - the section "TOOLS" has some bugs in IsoDraw library. "Screw Driver" is realy "Wrenches_w_Hand". You just have to look through it. Also some of the views that you find in this .pdf has been changed. That's is because the first view in the library section makes no sense.


              If you find faults - please let me know.