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    "License request failed for feature ISODRAW" messa

    swri Copper
      HI, When I try to open Isodraw with my wireless communication gear turned off or not even connected to a network, I get the following message: License request failed for feature ISODRAW Has anyone run into this before? How can I use the software and not be connected to a network or have a wireless communication established? thanks ken
        • IsoDraw license request failure
          Hello Ken, your computer is equipped with different kinds of network connectors (NIC). When working with them, the order of the NICs may change in the registry and the license request may fail. When IsoDraw runs fine, open the registry and find the area where the NICs are listed. The one which is in the folder "1" is the one that needs to remain the "1". If the license request fails, this order might have changed. A correction of that order solves your problem. Indeed a bit technical, but necessary. If you struggle with that, a support representative would be more than happy to guide you through that procedure. Much success! Christian