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    Changing Default Part Names when Importing .STEP files into Pro/E

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      I'm just wondering if there is an easy way to import step files into Pro/E without the default "prt001" or "asm001" names. The reason I ask is because I get a lot of large imported assemblies from some of our vendors and it quickly becomes a jumbled mess when I have several assemblies open at the same time. One of my solutions is a brute force method of changing every part/assembly name to have a "_label" at the end that identifies it with its parent assembly. I even made a mapkey that cuts down a lot of mouse clicks/button presses but still takes several hours to make it through one imported assembly. Is there a config option or easier way to get rid of these generic names? Please let me know your thoughts when you get a chance. I'm working with WF 4.0.





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          neomechanikos Gold

          I believe step file names come from the step file itself. Creo/ProE just follows the file. You can open the step file in an editor like notepad and view the information there.

          Sounds like you might be renaming the assembly (save a copy) and using rules to somewhat automate it. If not, it's worth a try to see if that can help you any. You also might look into step file viewers or utilities to see if one of them has the capability to rename the parts before they are imported but I suspect that will be hard to find.