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    configuration of Creo

    didriek Bronze

      Hi community,


      I have a big question (actually many questions...)

      How do you configure and set up Creo, I want to do the following:


      I'm a PTC user since ProEngineer 2001 but have always been working on a configured version... (@ previous jobs)

      As there was always an option to have your own mapkeys, config files.... I'm not totally unfamiliar.

      And I also know to make symbols, setting up drawing templates and adding parameters to parts/assy...


      Only, I started recently as Head Product Design Engineer (the whole team is only me atm, but others will join) in a new (blank sheet) R&D mechanical departement.

      So, we just bought Creo 1.0 and I's up to me to configure all...!

      This means:

      • I want to be able to create MY standard parameters as you create a new part/assy/drawing...
      • I want to create general config.win, tree.config,...
      • Setting up tables, formats, units...
      • Make a material database, symbol palette
      • .... all you could imagine that needs to be done!

      -> and all that should automatically load when Creo starts (that is also an issue)


      And so on, all quite basic (it's not a huge company or departement), but more than PTC has foreseen as you do the installation.

      Where could I find this kind of information?


      Thanks in advance,



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          KshetrabasiMahanta Gold



          You have to do these one by one by yourself

          And feel free if you face any problem at ant stage


          • I want to be able to create MY standard parameters as you create a new part/assy/drawing...


          You have to create your own startpart(part,asm template), drawing format

          You can choose the template from your Creo \Common Files\M xxx\templates to start your work(As per your units)


          Add parameters to your start part and asm

          Save it in specified location

          Give the path in your config.pro


          • I want to create general config.win, tree.config,...


          Making tree.cfg

          -Open Creo Model tree Setting

          -Change your requirements

          -Save setting file

          -Give the path of the file in Config.pro


          • Setting up tables, formats, units...


          Creo gives you standard tables to start your work

          You can edit these tables for your own



          For making drawing format the following link will help you


          Keep your format in a folder and Set the path in config .pro



          Units are set at the part and asembly template


          (every company to company requirements changes, try to make your own company formats. If you face problem in any specific step, we are ready to help you)